• Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang

    14-year-old Innovator | Space Enthusiast | Political and Social Enthusiast

  • Neha Shukla

    Neha Shukla

    16-year old student and innovator @TKS leveraging science and emerging technologies as a catalyst for social change. Website www.thesixfeetapart.weebly.com

  • Ammielle WB

    Ammielle WB

    computational biology & biological computing. ammiellewb.com

  • Sofia Sanchez

    Sofia Sanchez

    Ambitious teenager building innovative projects with Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence

  • Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown

    TKS Innovator

  • InvesTIPS


    Discovering, developing and implementing the art of investing.

  • Aleem Rehmtulla

    Aleem Rehmtulla

    Blockchain and AI developer

  • Saesha Kukreja

    Saesha Kukreja

    17 y/o imaginative and ambitious individual who strives to impact change through writing

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